Welcome to Uptown

Hello and welcome to the exciting world of Uptown- the kid’s ministry of One Life Church. We are really excited to share more about our action packed and dynamic programmes with you and we invite you to spend some time on the site looking at what our Uptown meetings each Sunday look like.

Uptown: Where little people are a big deal!

One Life Church has always had a huge heart for children. We’re convinced that one of the most life changing places in the church is at our Kids Ministry.

When you drop off your child at one of our facilities, you can trust that they are in a safe environment, that the activities are age appropriate, that the curriculum is bible-based and Jesus-centred and that the volunteers are thoroughly equipped, police-cleared and ready to have a stack of fun while developing your child’s relationship with the Lord.

We realise that no two children are exactly the same and so our meetings are structured in such a way that, no matter how reserved or outgoing your child is, they will feel included and welcomed. Every Sunday morning follows a programme that includes large group activities as well as quieter, small group times, energy packed worship with actions and dancing and times of calmer worship, and a time where God’s Word is made accessible to children through interactive stories, media and object lessons.

We believe that children aren’t just the next generation of church, they are the church! And so we place a strong focus on ministering to children of all ages. Although Uptown is specifically geared towards children aged 5 – 12 years, some of our sites also have a programme called Noah’s Park for children aged 1 – 4 years. If your child is younger than 12 months we have a comfortable environment set aside just for our Mums & Tots.

We can’t wait to meet you and your child and look forward to seeing your lives impacted by Christ!

Meet the Uptown Team


Natacha Chalmers

Natacha Chalmers

Curriculum Director

Tach is a part time mother, wife, sister and aunt. She makes people smile without a sweat. Without her the world would surely come to an end because we would have no curriculum, no activities, no dance moves or anything.

Keith Perumal

Keith Perumal

Curriculum Facilitator

A day without Keith is a day without sanity. Keith is a modern day card magician but when he's not making people stand in awe he's shopping for Uptown to ensure that all the sites get their stuff on time for Sundays

Brent Lunderstedt

Brent Lunderstedt

Web Site Administrator

Brent is a part time astronaut, super hero, spy and adventurer. But the rest of the time he works for One Life Church in the Media Department and creates the content for Uptown, he also keeps us updated on the web.